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Renegade Lab Studios was created with only one purpose - satisfying your needs. Although we have just started creating games, you can be absolutely sure that we will be back with more games for you. We use PlayCanvas, a high tech 3D WebGL Game Engine to create our games. We have multiple apps currently in development which cater to a variety of audiences. Have a great idea that you'd like to see out there? We offer multiple services to get that done.





You are stuck in deep space on a hostile planet. You need to escape! This is a fun 3D action game loaded with challenges that you must master using logic and dexterity. A stunning space background sweeps past as you progress. A hard-driving soundtrack helps to propel you along and keeps you focussed. Have you got what it takes to escape?


This is a classic drag racing game where your reactions are key. Compete across 4 races, and dominate with perfect shift times.

Flip It

Need to relax? This is a hypercasual game that is easy to learn, but requires skill, dexterity, and quick reflexes to master. Are you up to the challenge? What's your high score?



GENSIC is Renegade Lab Studio’s latest independent project, a collaborative solution for current music streaming platforms. Through a Django backend, and an HTML-CSS-JS frontend complemented by Bootstrap, GENSIC allows users to connect through their tastes in music, and even recommends similar users through advanced machine learning algorithms. GENSIC can be seamlessly integrated with the API of any current music streaming service, allowing any streaming service to utilize its benefits.


Programming And Designing Services

We'll help you achieve your desires

Interested in putting your amazing new idea into motion, but don't have the skills required to do it? You've come to the right place. Our diverse team of programmers and designers will help you get your project completed - be it a game, app or anything else you need - all within your designated deadline. Just contact us at the email below with your project details to get started.


"I recently had the opportunity to work with Renegade Lab Studios on a commissioned project. Anubhav and his team demonstrated the ability to solve problems on the fly and think creatively about the project's demands. Communication with the team was great, and I was confident that I was always kept up to date about the status of the work." - SEAN ELLIOT, SENIOR DEVELOPER, KOJI


Who's Who

Our Team

Founder, CEO and lead programmer & designer - Anubhav Bhattacharya

Deputy Developer - Krish Gangaraju

UI & UX Artists - Ved Srivathsa, Kapil Naresh



Our Tool

We use the high tech PlayCanvas 3D WebGL Game Engine to make our games( PlayCanvas makes it really easy for us to design, code and develop our games to make them better for you.

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